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AVA Assessment Service

Take the guesswork out of hiring top performers with AVA profiles.

Utilizing a properly developed assessment tool adds a reliable and objective element to the hiring process. Standard methods such as interviewing and reviewing resumes are proven to be unreliable. With the AVA assessment, employers can make consistent, well-informed and confident hiring decisions. Assessment benefits are well documented:

  • Greater Workforce Productivity
  • Reduced Turnover Costs
  • Enhanced Impact of Training
  • Improved Employee Engagement
  • Stronger Teamwork
  • Longer Tenure on the Job

And, our AVA Assessment Service offers an additional benefit – practical information for Personalized Coaching Strategies. AVA provides a concise and actionable framework for managing and developing the full potential of each unique employee.

Why the AVA Assessment Tool?

AVA Behavioral Style Report

Our Assessment Process


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Why the AVA Assessment Tool?

Valid. Reliable. Proven.

We are an independent consulting firm and could market any profile tool. We have worked exclusively with the AVA system since 1980 for one simple reason… AVA checks all the requisite boxes. A thoroughly validated tool engineered for business, proven reliability since 1948, EEOC compliant and job-related, accurate and in-depth behavioral profiles. Using statistically proven science, AVA measures behavioral traits that directly impact job performance. AVA is a practical assessment tool built to help businesses succeed.

(Learn more about AVA History and Validity at our Resources page.)

AVA Behavioral Style Report

Customized. Reader-friendly. Actionable.

Once it was clear AVA was the best tool available, we tackled our biggest challenge – develop an industry-leading assessment report and deliver it with world-class service. With a focus on practicality, we knew the solution was one single report that can be utilized in the hiring process and for coaching employees – all at a reasonable cost. And we delivered. Each assessment report is fully customized by one of our expert analysts. Reports have color-coded bar graphs and are easy-to-read and interpret. No psychological jargon from us. Reports include relevant and actionable follow up questions for interview assistance. No client training needed, no new software to learn. Reports are provided in only one hour and free consultation is available with every report. How’s that for world-class service!

(Review our Sample Report and compare to other reports available.)

Our Assessment Process

Efficient. Easy. Cost-effective. 

You’re busy, we know that. We make it easy for you to implement our AVA Assessment Service. First, your account is established at no cost. Next, we learn about your hiring challenges and employ AVA’s efficient job benchmarking process – also at no cost.

Then, profiles are completed online and take only about 20 minutes. Our customized reports are emailed back in an hour or less. You can retrieve reports online as well. Finally, unlimited consultation is offered with every report. Easy and efficient – just what you’re looking for in a behavioral assessment process.

(Learn more about our Assessment Process at our Resources page.)


What you can expect with our AVA Behavioral Assessments.

Identify Top Performers. With color-coded information and bar graph ratings you will instantly determine which candidates have the greatest potential for success. Our AVA profile report takes the guesswork out of comparing multiple applicants, so you can focus your efforts on hiring only the top candidates.

Hire “In Profile” Candidates. Relying on sound scientific methods, AVA clearly identifies candidates with positive correlations to the job benchmark. These “in profile” candidates have a statistically greater probability for success compared to candidates with negative correlations. AVA’s proven methodology mathematically recognizes profiles with the right fit.

Expertly Manage Employees. When it comes to mentoring and developing employees, one-size does not fit all. Our AVA Coaching Report provides concise, actionable guidance to help you expertly manage each unique team member. Our Coaching Report focuses on Do’s and Don’ts, Motivational Factors, Providing Feedback and Encouraging Improvement.

Build Strong Teams. Ever wonder why two team members can’t seem to get along and work productively together? The answer is found in recognizing how their AVA profiles interact. When employees understand and respect each other’s uniqueness, they can work positively together as a cohesive team focused on results.

Improve Employee Engagement. When applicants are placed in positions that suit their natural behavioral tendencies, they are more engaged. When managers coach to an employee’s unique qualities, they are both more engaged. When working in a cohesive team that is focused on positive results, team members are more engaged. AVA enhances engagement.

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See for yourself how accurate, efficient and beneficial our AVA Behavioral Assessment Service will be for your organization. Contact Us today and we’ll walk you through the demo process. No cost, nothing to lose, and a lot to discover.

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